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I miss thepigtailedpunisher more than anyone. She’s the only Cynthia I’ll ever accept.

Confession by Anonymous

Aww. Thanks anon! I wish I could start to RP again, but I just don’t have the time anymore….. I miss it so much!


Cynthia in assassin gear \o/

Just playing around with stuff but bored now so here you go.

NO MORE FIRE EMBLEM I PROMISE.. time for some Halloween art I thiiiiiiiiiiiiiink.


"Oh… In that case we must be on the same page." Letting go of her hand, she stared at the pegasus before her. Narrowing her eyes, she felt a small sense of familiarity overwhelm her. However, she quickly took her mind off it by talking with this stranger.

"Ah, by the way, I go by the name of L-Marth." Nearly saying her own name, she internally facepalmed. Stretching her hand out, she tried to smile. "What is yours, Milady?"

"Oh… In that case we must be on the same page." the stranger pointed out. Well, there goes my hope of ever finding my way out of this forest…but even if we do get out…where in the world will I find mother? Having finished attaching her lance to Buttercup’s saddle, she turned back to the swordsman, who elegantly introduced himself,

"Ah, by the way, I go by the name of L-Marth." he said as he stretched out his hand and smiled, "What is yours, Milady?"

"Why I am the Azure Sky Avenger….the one and only Cynthia! Daughter of Sumia, the one and only Heroic Pegasus Knight and and owner of the Brightmeadows Pegasus Farm! I am sure you must have heard of my mother, even if you have never heard of me or my heroic exploits?" Cynthia said proudly, before latching onto the strangers hand and giving it a vigorous shake. She was happy that they were now on more or less friendly terms, though she didn’t feel ready to trust him completely yet. She could sense he was hiding something, but given she had no one else to turn to for help, she could only hope that the stranger, Marth, did not harbor any evil intent towards her or Buttercup. Suddenly a though occurred to her.

"Hey….Marth? I wasn’t a big fan of books as a child, so my knowledge of history is a little….shall we say, rusty, but if I am not mistaken….wasn’t there some sort of Hero King called Marth…or that might just be my imagination?" she said narrowing her eyes in suspicion. It seemed entirely plausible that given that she had arrived from the past, then this legendary hero could have done so as well….. Perhaps that is why he wears that mask? To hide his identity?


Yarne just huffed and weezed, too tired to even speak at this point but he still wasn’t done for the night, not quite yet. He needed to rest for the moment and after a minute or two he forced himself back up and look at the ground around him. Cythina was already off collection the need wood for fire. With a deep breath he began digging, digging and digging a circle into the earth and then digging  the center out until there was pit large enough for a camp site for the two of them. With is work done he shifted back into his human form and passed out, completely unconscious.

Cynthia managed to find her bag. Well, she actually tripped over it, but does it really matter how the job gets done? Fiddling for what felt like an eternity in the darkness, she managed to find the pouch with the fling. Feeling around on the ground for something she could used as a torch, she found a stout stick. Striking the flint, she managed to get a few sparks. Thankfully one landed on the stick on the first attempt and soon caught alight. Hmmm…seems like the trees around here secrete a lot of sap…. But who am I to complain? The more sap there is, the better it burns?

Cynthia then set about gathering the sticks she saw nearby for a small fire. She wished she could make a bonfire of heroic proportions, but decided that though impressive, it would be a time consuming and unwise exercise, given they were probably in enemy territory. Having gathered enough firewood, she began to make her way back to Yarne, being extra careful to avoid any obstacles that could make her trip. She didn’t want to start a forest fire. That would be just her luck. Getting back to the place where she had left her bag, she panicked. Yarne was gone. Has something happened to him…have we been attacked? He wouldn’t have moved himself. He was far too tired for that, so where in the world did he get to?

Cynthia began to move faster now and having lost all caution, she did not see the massive pit that Yarne had dug. Thankfully she landed on her derriere again and didn’t break anything. She could handle a few bruises. Picking her still smouldering improvised torch, she saw Yarne sprawled in a heap on the ground and her firewood scattered all over the place. After she had dragged her bag into the pit, she gathered the firewood into a neat little pile and started a proper fire. Sitting down near Yarne, she watched the sparks, which looked ever so much like fireflies. Yarne must feel much safer in a burrow than out in the open…though I am impressed that he was able to dig such a spacious pit. He will probably be exhausted tomorrow as will I…I doubt I will be able to sleep. Hopefully we find Buttercup tomorrow….

However exhaustion had caught up with the young Pegasus Knight and soon her eyelids grew heavier and heavier, until her eyes closed of their own accord and she began to snore gently.


Looking Cynthia in the eyes, Owain opened his mouth to tell her, but no sound escaped. He considered her feelings too, after all, he wasn’t the only one to grow up in an apocalyptic hellscape, and the girl probably harbored feelings much like his own.

”Do you sometimes dream about Sumia and your father?” He asked, resuming eye contact, his greens meeting her browns. The Pegasus Knight did not respond, but Owain read an affirmative in her .

”It happens whenever I get stressed out or whenever I go through some hard time, and it seems to be happening with more frequency. This is not a pleasant dream. I see the deaths I couldn’t stop, over and over again.” He admitted,  

The girl stayed quiet after Owain told his story. Cynthia’s only resort was  to hug him tighter, as he started talking again. ”I’m sorry for dragging you with me on this, what would we do if we got killed, hwo could we protect our parents then?” He questioned, burying his face in his hands.  

Cynthia watched Owain. He tried to say something, but even though his mouth opened, no words came out. He stopped for a moment, his brow furrowed in thought. Then he looked at her again, a sincere expression on his face and continued sincerely as he gazed into her eyes, ”Do you sometimes dream about Sumia and your father?”

I think a good silence is best here. After all I am here to listen, besides….we all have it bad….Just stay quite, Cynthia.

”It happens whenever I get stressed out or whenever I go through some hard time, and it seems to be happening with more frequency. This is not a pleasant dream. I see the deaths I couldn’t stop, over and over again.” he said sadly. Cynthia could see that living through the emotions over and over again was weighing heavily on his soul. The best way she could think of comforting him was giving him an even bigger hug.

”I’m sorry for dragging you with me on this, what would we do if we got killed, how could we protect our parents then?” he said, sinking into despair. He hid his face in his hands. Poor Owain…he must feel so guilty..

She patted him gently on the back for a few minutes, then resting her her chin on her hand began to stare into the distance, before beginning to talk,

"When mother died, she was doing her duty. Fighting for the greater good: for Ylisse, for Chrom and for the Shepherds and for her family. I am sure she died valiantly, but all the same I wish she had been selfish. But mother was never the selfish type…. she was there when anyone was in trouble. As for father…..well he died with mother. After her death, it was like living with a picture of father….something that looked like father, but wasn’t him anymore. An empty shell. I too have had dreams…though I don’t think they are as bad as yours. I dream of us all together again, happy and laughing, only to wake and find myself all alone. The disappointment is like a knife in the back. Sometimes I wish I never woke up, but then I remember mother and how dedicated she always was. I get up, ready to face any challenges the day may offer.

When I came back to this time…..my intent had been to convince mother and father to leave the war, to give up their life of fighting. But then I saw them together. Even amidst this chaos, they seem happy doing their duty. I asked myself…how can I expect them to change who they really are? They wouldn’t truly be my parents if they just gave up everything on my whim and left. It would be….well entirely unheroic of them…

As for our adventure… you really need to stop thinking like that. Supposing we had slunk back quietly to camp….what then? That whole village would have been caught in the fire. Who knows how many would have died? I know you came back to save your mother an father, but think carefully…….Do you think Lissa and Sumia would have been proud of us, would have wanted to have children like us if we had simply fled and let others do all the work? I certainly don’t. In either case…we pulled through today. Luck was on our side and it will be again, because we are the Justice Cabal, we are brave and we are friends. We will help our parents and look out for each other. We WILL make sure our future selves do not have to tread the same path of despair that we did!” Finishing her speech on a high note, she turned to Owain, her eyes full of determination.



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The young myrmidon sprung awake once more, only this time his nose wasn’t running blood, and he wasn’t profusely sweting cold.

He was still groggy from the whole ordeal, his vision was incredibly messed up and so was his hearing, but not enough that he couldn’t catch some parts of Cynthia’s motivational spiel.

Throwiing himself off of the cot, Owain envelopped Cynthia in a hug, suffocating her subsequent words. ”Thank you for giving me a chance…” He told her, as he patted her hair, assuring her, and then shifting his head slightly, to lean on her shoulders.

”We were both heroes today, even if I’m sorry to have burdened you with leaving me there… You came back for me, just as I would for any Justice Cabal companion, this has given me validation…” He explained.

”Hey, Cynthia… Would you hear abiut my dreams, they have been plaguing me for a while now, and so far only Brady knows, I know that I can trust you with them now, call it a reward.” He asked her, winking weakly.

Suddenly Owain threw himself slowly on top of her to give her a hug. Cynthia was midway through a sentence, but the breath was forced our of her lungs and she gave up, simply hugging him back. Ahhh, the past is the past after all. What matters is that we made it back together in one piece. I should be grateful for that at least.

”Thank you for giving me a chance…” Owain said patting her head as they sat together on the cot. He shifted himself to a better position, making a pillow out of her shoulder. He seemed troubled  and Cynthia decided that she would listen to anything he had to say.

”We were both heroes today, even if I’m sorry to have burdened you with leaving me there… You came back for me, just as I would for any Justice Cabal companion, this has given me validation…” he continued his explanation.

Cynthia’s spirits lifted a little. “You know Owain, I would never have left you out there. I would have come back in any case….probably even brought you back so that you could have at least had a proper funeral….. I don’t think I would have been able to handle someone else I cared about leaving, never to come back. I am glad it didn’t come to this today. I am also glad that you feel better about yourself now. Though I don’t see why you ever doubted yourself. I always saw you as the leader of the Justice Cabal you know….” she said in an attempt to cheer him up, but she wasn’t sure if he was listening. He was still rather weak. They sat in silence for a little while.

Then Owain suddenly asked her, ”Hey, Cynthia… Would you hear about my dreams, they have been plaguing me for a while now, and so far only Brady knows, I know that I can trust you with them now, call it a reward.” He followed up with a  wink.

Cynthia smiled. How could she refuse to help her friend?

"Sure Owain. You know I am always happy to listen! So what are your dreams like?" she asked with interest.